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Lace Closures (1)

Lace closures are usually used when you want to protect your own hair when doing sew in or other hair extension installations,it usually comes in a size of 4*4 inches,and there are also some other size like 3*4,3.5*4,4*5 etc,but 4*4 is the most frequently used size.

Lace closure always come in three types,free part,middle part,and three part,for free part means you can part it anywhere you like,middle part is just like the name,it was already parted from the middle,and for three parts,it has one parts each on left and right side next to the middle parts,if you are very sure that you will only do middle part,then you can order a middle part closure,otherwise we will suggest a free part,as this is more flexible,anyway,you can still do free parts even if you ordered a middle part of three parts closure,it may just take a little big work to do this.
We also offer silk based closure,silk base closure will make the scalp looks more natural like your own skin,all our lace closures comes with baby hairs at the hairline,this makes it look more natural as well.


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