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Micro Loop Extensions

Micro Loop Extensions (3)

Micro Loop hair extensions(also known as micro bead or micro ring extensions)are perfect choice if you are looking for a more long term solution to lengthen your hair,the extension was made of 100% Remy human hair,you can style the extensions the way you like,just like your own hairs.
The micro loop hair extensions are very quick and easy to apply,you can have it done by your friends or family member without going to a hair salon.Strand by strand,a micro loop extension is applied to a similar sized piece of your own hair around 1cm away from your scalp.
The tiny and silicone lined aluminium rings will hold the extensions securely in place without the need of glues,chemicals or heat machine.Our micro loop extension comes in two different specifications:1g per strand and 0.5g per strand,we will suggest about 150g to 200g for a full head look,but it depands on how thick you'd like your hair to look,and also how long the extension you are planing to order.once the extensions were applied,it can last about 3-4 months before any maintenance is needed.
please click below two specifications to order the one you need.

1G Per Strand   0.5G Per Strand


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