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Nail/U Tip Extensions (4)

Nail Tip(also known as U tip) hair extension are named because of it's shape,it is one of the most well-known pre-bonded hair extension,though it is very old methods,it is still popular.
Pre-bonded nail tip extensions are fitted with a heat machine,the machine melts a small keratin bond to a small section of client's hair,once the keratin was melted,you need to roll the keratin with your fingertips to fuse and cool it into a solid can last for about 4-6 months with proper care once was applied.but it do have some disadvantages like all other fushion extensions,it may do some harm to your own hair,and during the removal of the extension,it will require an acetone solution to break down the bonds to remove.To minimize the damage to your own hair,please always have some well trained stylist to do the installation for you.


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