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Nano Ring Extensions (4)

Nano Ring hair extension also know as Nano Tip hair extension,it is a new extension method,the main advantage of a nano ring extension is that the ring is about 90% smaller than traditional micro ring,this makes them less detectable and comfortable when applied on.

The install method of nano ring hair extension is very similar to micro ring extension,both are using cold fusion methods,this means no glue,chemical or heat machine is needed during whole processing of installation,but in order to make the nano ring less visiable,the hair is fitted behind a strand of client's own hair before clamping to secure.

Obviously,much smaller ring is the main advantage of a nano ring tip hair extension,but as the ring is much smaller,this means you can put less of your own hair in one strand,when the hair is not your own hair,you can feel the weight when it is on your head,especially when the hair is get wet.

Nano ring extensions will need maintenance after about 8 weeks,this will need to be done by a professional hair stylist.


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