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Ombre Hair Extensions (4)

Ombre Hair becomes popular since 2010,the name comes from the Frence word that means"shadow" or "shade",it is a technique of having your hair colour gradually blends from one colour to another,usually the top colour is darker than bottom,like 1B/613 which is one of the most popular colours.Ombre colour is a great way to rock a low maintenance look that doesn't scarifice style,you can go with bold,soft,colourful or natural with endless colour choice,if you want something more unique than the current most popular colour we offer,please feel free to contact us to do custom made order for you.
There is also another term that people always confused with-Balayage,balayage is very similar to ombre,but they do have some difference,though both are a nice mixture of colours,but ombre hair usually don't have dark piece at the bottom,and balayage do have darker piece at bottom to create dimension and more natural look.No matter what you are looking for,please feel free to contact us,and we will make your dreamed hair come true with our 100% remy hair.


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